Our work is performed through an discovery of facts.  Comprehensive on-site investigation combined with in-depth research results in strong and reliable reports

Steve Wilcox has unique experience in the application of analytical forensics related to the codes and standards original construction was built to.  With a comparison of the changes made over time through alteration, maintenance, repairs, and deferred maintenance a defense or plaintiffs position is made solid.  An integrated approach to the application of building sciences, codes and standards adds to the depth of discovery.

Our services include support in matters of:


Dangerous conditions of buildings and developed sites.  Accidents involving loss of life, personal injury, and property damage happen within buildings and developed sites due to a variety of reasons including defective construction, improper facility maintenance, and OSHA violations.  Common premises issues involve fires, slip and fall, stairway accidents, sidewalk maintenance, utility covers, exiting, sickness, and falls from heights, and other problems in or around buildings or property. A full analysis is based upon integration of industry standards with code requirements and testing agency listings.

"Failure of the building or any building component to be erected in a reasonably workmanlike manner or to perform in the manner intended by the manufacturer or reasonably expected by the buyer, which proximately causes damage to the structure."

Defects in construction may be the result of many factors.  The ability to recognize the cause of the defect is an important step towards defense, or determining liability.   We are experts in determining the anatomy of a defect.  We will provide a full investigation of the construction.  A forensic analysis of investigation findings is based on construction methods, materials applications, applicable codes and standards of care. 

Failure to maintain premises can easily result in injury, sickness or death.  The safe use of a building or site is changed when the elements of construction no longer function as intended.  People rely upon the anticipated uniformity that codes and uniform standards of construction create in our built environment.  Failure to create, or maintain those built uniformities may result in liability.

Site construction and maintenance.  Americans with Disabilities Act and Fair Housing Act defects.  Building code and standards of care. 

Personal injury and property damage are two common results of defects within the public right of way.

Specialized Services:


  • Commercial and Government
  • Americans with Disabilities Act and Fair Housing Act compliance survey and reporting
  • Risk assessment
  • Plan review for permit
  • Litigation support
  • Assistance in the determination of the appropriate experts for your case.
  • Direction of work
  • Review of work product