Wilcox and Associates LLC is a Seattle based firm operated by Steven R. Wilcox which provides expert witness representation for attorneys.

Offered to you is a highly specialized premises liability expert to assist you in all aspects of defect and accident evaluations.  

Specializing in:

  • Plaintiff and Defense Litigation Support                                       
  • Building Construction Defects
  • Site Development Defects
  • Personal Injury
  • Americans with Disabilities Act and Fair Housing Act
  • Facilities Risk Management
  • Building Code and Energy Code Expert
  • Case Management Support
  • Government Agencies Services

This is the behind the scene company that you didn’t know your experts have been relying upon for accurate and complete answers for the past several years!   Steven Wilcox has provided expert witness services and case support for 18 years in over 100 matters of premises liability.  Qualified as an expert over 30 times in construction defect matters.   Steve has testified as a qualified expert in Hearings, Council Chambers, and Deposition.  Steve is also a Court Appointed Special Advocate in children’s matters.


Seattle, WA
Steven R. Wilcox